Wormhole Bridge Guide


It is essential to read this guide before you start using the Wormhole bridge. This guide explains how to use the bridge in a step-by-step manner, as well as demonstrating some valuable features that it supports out of the box, such as translation searching and transaction resuming. This guide also provides troubleshooting actions to take.

Performing a Bridge

  1. Head to MicroSwap Wormhole Bridge: https://app.microswap.org/bridge

  2. Connect Source Chain Wallet - The first step is to connect a wallet. When using the widget it's not important to have your wallet preset to the network you're trying to bridge from. Wormhole will automatically set the correct network for you based on the one you have chosen. For EVM chains only Metamask is supported.

  3. Select Source Chain Network - MicroSwap currently support 17 networks with the Wormhole Bridge

  4. Select Source Chain Asset - Select the token you want to bridge.

  5. For Steps 4,5 and 6 - Repeat steps 1,2 and 3 with the destination chain

  6. Enter Bridge Amount - Enter bridge amount and proceed to approve transaction. Route and bridge will be shown similar to this:

  1. Once approved and transaction is sent, a transaction status page will show up (or you can view your status on https://wormholescan.io/)

There are three steps to the bridge process. These steps may take some time and usually require a certain amount of block confirmations on the source chain transaction. Once this confirmation threshold is reached. Wormhole will generate proof confirming that the transaction was successful. This proof is needed in order to be able to claim your bridged asset on the destination chain.

  1. Once verification is complete, you'll be able to claim your bridged assets.

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