Referrals V2

Mummy provides an attractive referral program where users can earn 5% of the fees generated by users they refer using their unique referral ID. These referral earnings are deducted from the total fees collected, prior to distributing the fees based on the Reward Flow Distribution. Users can easily share their Referral link through platforms like Twitter, Telegram, etc. by simply copying and pasting it wherever they choose.

Your Referral link will look like this: ref=[Your referral ID]

Your Referral ID can be generated from Referral page (guide on how to generate your own referral code) or taken from the QR of Position Share modal (after you have create a Referral Code).

Referral fees are automatically paid out as they accrue in USD and can be withdrawn as USDC whenever you choose, eliminating the need for a manual claiming process.

Referral Code only works on the chain that it has been created. It can not be used across chains.

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