Mummy Rebirth Benefits

When you mint Mummy Rebirth, we have some exciting benefits in store for you:

  • Receive a refund in multiDAI. (Only for NFT V1 holders)

  • Receive an esMMY bonus (which can be vested without a reserve only if you don’t stake it first). These esMMY tokens are sourced from our Dev Fund, Treasury, and Vault.

  • The revenue generated from minting will be carefully divided:

+ 50% of the revenue will be used to boost the MLP v2 (utilizing LayerZero’s assets) liquidity pool, ensuring a healthier ecosystem. All the rewards will be directed back to Mummy Rebirth stakers.

+ The remaining 50% will be reinvested to earn fees for the protocol and maintain the protocol, thereby increasing overall profitability. These funds could also be used to add liquidity for MMY/WTFM at this stage.

  • As an additional perk, Mummy Rebirth stakers will receive a 10% fee from protocol in $FTM, adding extra value to your holdings. The fee-sharing portion of the protocol will be updated as follows: (This portion will be subjected to re-voting after 1 year)

+ MMY/esMMY stakers: 30%

+ MLP stakers: 60%

+ NFT stakers: 10%

For instance: Since its launch on Fantom 8 months ago, Mummy has yielded approximately $2.8 million. As a result, rewards will be distributed to NFT stakers, with the aforementioned portion amounting to $280,000, in addition to the rewards derived from staking MLP in the Treasury.

  • Users will have the opportunity to engage in the decision-making process to determine allocation and guide protocol development. Remember, for Governance voting, holding NFTs is all that matters, regardless of MMY ownership.

  • Mummy Rebirth utilizes LayerZero’s advanced technology, paving the way for future bridging possibilities.

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