Open/ Close a position

Open a position

  1. Deposit your fund to start trading

  2. Choose a pair to trade

  1. Input trading amount and start your trade

When you click on the 100% option, your max collateral amount will be estimated based on your free collateral and Open pos. fees.

As you can see in the image below, the Free Collateral is ~$6.55. However, when choosing 100%, the amount of collateral in the input box is ~$6.54. The $0.01 decrease is due to deduction from Open Position Fees.

  1. Confirm your order

Close a position

  1. On Open Position tab, click "Close" on the Pos. ID you want to close. The Close Position modal will popup.

  1. On the Close Position modal, enter the amount of token's quantity you want to close, or you can choose the percentage amount.

You can check the fees amount that you have to paid in the Fees section.

  1. Click "Close Position" and Confirm on your wallet.

You can check your collateral balance on the menu bar or on Account Overview page.

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