Why should you mint NFTs on Optimism Mummy Club?

Given Mummy Finance's rapid growth and potential for further user and revenue expansion, we propose launching the protocol on Optimism to accelerate its trajectory. Optimism boasts a weekly active user base of over 250,000 and has forged collaborations with multiple protocols to attract a diverse and engaged user base to the platform. We believe deploying Mummy Finance on Optimism will yield several key benefits that will fuel its success.

Here are the reasons

  • Mummy is constantly striving to enhance its performance and expand its partnerships with other protocols to attract more users and generate higher fees. As of now, our daily average fee stands at ~15K$, and it is growing rapidly. We anticipate distributing the increased fees to both OP users and NFT stakers based on the MLP earnings generated from NFT revenue.

  • The Mummy NFT collection will be listed on the secondary NFT marketplace for trading. No matter whether you’re a trader or a staker, you will get a profit from the Mummy NFT.

  • Additionally, users who mint NFTs on our landing page will receive bonus esMMY rewards, which do not require MMY/MLP deposits to the vest to MMY. The Mummy DAO will fully sponsor these bonus esMMY rewards.

Revenue from NFT usage

  • 20% of the total revenue is used to add MMY/WETH liquidity

  • 80% is used to mint MLP and stake to earn rewards in $WETH and esMMY

  • 50% of the $WETH rewards will be distributed for NFT stakers, while the rest is sponsored for the Oracle price bot for trading activity. esMMY rewards will be staked to earn more rewards

Check down the below diagram to understand how to earn with Mummy NFT👇

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