Mummy Club on Fantom

A collection of 5,000 Mummy NFTs on Fantom, creating a community centered around strong identity, values, and rewards.

Mummy Club is a collection of 5,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) living on Fantom, made up of +130 hand-drawn traits. The collection has been created for the community of the decentralized perpetual exchange Mummy Finance hence the Mummy symbol.

Unlike the other art NFT Collection, Mummy Club is the collection of utility NFT created for the community to provide more liquidity for Mummy Finance and earn rewards based on the power of NFT. We aim to create a culture and community centered around strong identity and values, where most of the investment from users turn back into rewards for those. Standing on these principles: Transparency, fairness, and worth, Mummy NFT is not just the presence of each user on Mummy Verse but also proud to become part of the Mummy and Fantom community as well.

Just take a look at a Mummy member of the Club!!!

Key takeaways:

  1. Mummy NFT is designed for Community Treasury, where all funds from NFT sales are used to reinvest and redistribute rewards for NFT holders.

  2. Buy Mummy NFT to get esMMY and earn FTM rewards (through stakes).

  3. The earlier you buy, the cheaper the NFT and the higher the power to earn rewards.

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