Mummy Club 2nd collection sales details

Important note

  1. Each group Mummy NFT derives a different power percentage. For every block of 100 Mummy NFTs successfully minted, the power will be reduced by 1% power reduction.

  2. You will receive esMMY bonus ONLY when you mint NFT on Mummy Finance. Buying NFT on NFT marketplace will not give you the bonus.

  3. Bonus Escrowed MMY (esMMY) can be used in two ways:

+ Staked for rewards similar to regular MMY tokens. Keep in mind that if you decide to unstake and vest esMMY to MMY later, you will be required to deposit a reserve amount of MMY that corresponds to the rewards generated.

+ Vested to become actual MMY tokens over a period of one year. In this case, you are not required to reserve funds to vest your bonus esMMY.

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