Pyth Price Feed

Mummy V2 utilizes and manages asset prices exclusively through the Pyth Price Feed, emphasizing performance, security, and adaptability.

By harnessing Pyth, Mummy V2 not only consolidates price data but also prides itself on possessing the most robust and dependable sub-second price accuracy in the DeFi realm. Instead of depending on outdated off-chain price feed models that periodically update, Pyth employs an on-demand update mechanism, particularly adept during market volatility.

Our partnership with Pyth has been pivotal in forging a close relationship with their architects and engineers, creating an environment where we collectively ensure tailored support for our unique use cases. This collaboration fosters innovation, enabling us to evolve alongside Pyth's technology.

Pyth's offerings yield several significant advantages:

  1. Real-time Price Accuracy: Pyth Price Feed ensures sub-second accuracy, updating asset prices frequently, especially advantageous during market volatility.

  2. On-Demand Price Updates: Pyth's on-demand model for price updates is more responsive and efficient than traditional off-chain feeds, particularly in fluctuating market conditions.

  3. Data Sources Diversity: Pyth aggregates financial data from nearly 100 first-party sources, providing a comprehensive pool of information for more accurate and reliable price feeds.

  4. Asset Classes Coverage: Pyth offers price feeds for various asset classes, spanning from cryptocurrencies to traditional financial assets. This broad coverage allows Mummy V2 access to and management of a wide range of assets on its platform.

  5. Sub-Second Aggregation: Pyth aggregates data at a sub-second level multiple times per second, ensuring high-frequency aggregation for more precise and timely asset price information.

Through Pyth's infrastructure, Mummy V2 optimizes its operations by accessing accurate and diverse financial data. It enables the seamless handling of various asset classes and benefits from high-frequency aggregation, ensuring timely and precise price updates.

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