Mummy Rebirth Sale Details

Contract address: 0x4964795d3F320C4BbfdAA0686a7629Cf92A4B266

Total supply: 10,000 NFTs (5,000 for fully V1 NFT burning and the rest 5,000 for new users)

Initial power points: 10,000

Initial bonus esMMY: 44

Initial price: 444 $FTM

Launching time: August 8th, 2023

Please be aware that each group of Mummy NFTs holds a unique power percentage. With every 100 Mummy NFTs minted, their prices soar by 1%, while Power and bonus esMMY decrease by 1%. Act now and be rewarded! The sooner you mint, the more economical the price and the greater the power percentage you will acquire.

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