Why should you buy Mummy Club NFT?

Mummy Club NFT is a brilliant investment opportunity, especially for Mummy Finance pioneers. The key to earning at Mummy Club NFT is simple: the earlier you buy, the cheaper the NFT, and the higher the reward you get.

The team has built a treasury from the ground up that is decentralized and controlled by the community to create transparency and benefits for all investors.

To better understand the Treasury, knowing where it comes from is crucial.

  • Selling Mummy Club NFT: All revenue generated from the sale of Mummy Club NFT (minting) goes to the Treasury (see Treasury page) and is invested in MLP to earn the fees charged by the platform.

  • Accumulated profits from esMMY and FTM rewards: a portion of MLP revenues will be reinvested in the Treasury to compound and generate more revenue for NFT holders.

Key benefits of buying Mummy NFT:

  1. Earn rewards in FTM from Protocol’s collected fees (Check the rewards mechanism of Mummy Finance here).

  2. Earn bonus esMMY to stake and earn more rewards (esMMY, FTM, MPs) or vesting to earn MMY, just like buying MMY IDO.

  3. The longer time you stake, the higher value of the treasury, and the higher rewards redistributed.

As shown in the diagram above, Mummy Club holders who stake their NFT receive 80% of the Treasury’s FTM rewards, while the remaining 20% is immediately added to the Treasury. The other rewards (in esMMY) are also accumulated in the Treasury. This return is constantly compounded into the pool and, therefore, can generate even higher returns in the future. These returns are deposited in a distribution contract that Mummy Club holders can take advantage of.

With this compounding mechanism, the more sustainable the Mummy Club Treasury is, the more rewards Mummies will receive in the long run.

Besides, Mummies will be enabled to reward esMMY which plays an equivalent function as MMY token in terms of generating FTM, esMMY, and Multiplier Points, or is converted to MMY tokens (vesting in 1 year).

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