Mummy Rebirth NFT on Fantom

We are absolutely thrilled to unveil the all-new Mummy Rebirth collection on the Fantom platform! Get ready for a mind-blowing experience like never before! A total of 10,000 exclusive Mummy Rebirth NFTs are hitting the scene! 5,000 of them are specially reserved for fully burning NFT V1, while the other 5,000 are to welcome new members into our incredible Mummy NFT community!

This is your golden ticket to join us in this incredible new phase! If you are currently holding Mummy NFT V1, minting a Mummy Rebirth NFT will entitle you to a refund in multiDAI. This refund, sourced from the Treasury, will be calculated based on your V1 NFT’s power, but only if you choose to burn your Mummy NFT V1.

Let’s take a concrete example to illustrate this: Suppose you are holding 1 NFT V1 with a power of 5,000. In this scenario, you would receive 177.67 multiDAI. This calculation is derived from dividing the power of your burning NFT (5,000) by the total power of all NFT V1 (19,699,200), and then multiplying by the total amount of multiDAI in the Treasury (700,000).

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