Perpetual futures are currently one of the hottest trading products that allow traders to profit from the price risk of a particular financial instrument without actually owning the underlying asset. Previously, only well-known centralized trading platforms such as BitMEX, Binance, and Poloniex offered these popular trading products. However, since the fall of FTX, users have been more concerned about securing their funds or other potential risks. Not your key - not your coin; That's why more users are now moving to trade on DEX as an alternative to CEX.

Today we are proud to introduce Mummy Finance, a SuperDEX that has implemented cutting-edge technology to provide traders with an unparalleled experience and reshape the concept of trading on Fantom Opera. Time to trade with Mummy Finance.

What is Mummy Finance?

Mummy Finance is a swap and perpetual DEX that offers a variety of trading options and high liquidity for a wide range of blue chip crypto assets. The platform represents a new type of decentralized exchange due to the continuous innovation promoted by its developers.

Mummy Finance aims to become the solution for all traders who want to keep control of their capital and enjoy the best trading experience on Fantom Opera, with distinctive advantages:

Why build on Fantom Opera and Optimism?

1. About Fantom Opera

A key benefit of the Fantom Opera blockchain is that it allows app developers to customize their applications. Since it is highly scalable, this network offers very high transaction speeds. In addition to its high scalability, the network offers high levels of security and decentralization. In addition, Fantom’s aBFT consensus makes trading on Fantom Finance fast, cheap, and secure.

  • Fast: Lachesis parallelizes transaction processing and minimizes communication overhead within the system to achieve high throughput with almost instant finality

  • Cheap: Transactions cost a fraction of a cent

  • Secure: The network is secured via Proof-of-Stake and independent validators across the globe, providing Byzantine Fault Tolerance

2. About Optimism

  • Enhanced transaction speed and throughput: Optimism's layer 2 technology will enable Mummy Finance to process transactions with lightning speed, providing a seamless user experience and increasing the potential for high-volume trading activity.

  • Reduced transaction fees: By deploying on Optimism, Mummy Finance can benefit from significantly reduced gas fees compared to operating solely on Ethereum's layer 1, making it more accessible and affordable for users.

  • Access to a larger user base: Optimism's existing user base, coupled with its partnerships with other protocols, will enable Mummy Finance to tap into a wider pool of engaged users and expand its reach.

  • Marketing Support: Optimism brings one of the most vibrant marketing support to help Mummy showcase the product and capture a large audience base.

  • Easy access to Mummy: With robust infrastructure support from more than 10 of the top 50 exchanges offering on-ramps and multiple other partners to assist with on-ramping on the chain, it is effortless to access Mummy, enabling it to capture more users. Additionally, many of Mummy’s current partners exist on Optimism, including DEX aggregators (such as 1inch, Open Ocean, Firebird, KyberSwap, Paraswap) and multi-chain swaps (like O3Swap and Voyager), which will help accelerate growth on the platform.

Mummy Finance evolution

Mummy ventures into Arbitrum

Expanding to new chains holds significant strategic importance for Mummy as it allows us to attract a broader range of users, generate increased fees, and establish valuable partnerships that contribute to the overall growth of our ecosystem. Additionally, allowing users to stake and leverage their MMY tokens for optimal earnings provides them another avenue to maximize their returns.

The success of Mummy on each chain strengthens our overall brand reputation, providing compelling reasons for new users, investors, and partners to join and engage with the Mummy ecosystem. This further motivates us to achieve new milestones and create even more benefits for everyone involved.

Why choose Mummy on Arbitrum as your desired trading platform?

We have included GMX as one of the assets in our MLP pool. $GMX holders can now earn a significantly higher APR in $ETH by staking it on Mummy Arbitrum than solely on GMX (currently at 2% APR), with bonus esMMY and MPs. This enhances the utility of GMX and solidifies the GMX model with its native token.

With that visionary approach, Mummy strives to position MLP as the “index token standard of Arbitrum.” It represents a diversified basket of prominent coins( BTC, ETH), stablecoins (USDT, USDC, and DAI), and blue-chip tokens on Arbitrum (GMX, ARB, and RDNT). This strategic direction allows MLP to expand its role from a liquidity provider token to various use cases. As MLP holders embrace these additional functionalities, they stand to benefit from higher yields, receiving 60% of fees in $ETH and enjoying bonuses through esMMY and MPs. This advantageous position sets MLP apart from the individual staking or holding of the constituent index tokens.

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