MSLP Contract Address

Fantom: 0x25162a2D9B5D359e8A98394947195080997a6EC4
Optimism: 0xBA4DA42B991CA2dE2D1Cdd73A3F1aB0bf51a3908


Stake USDC, USDT, DAI directly from a Web3 wallet by entering the desired amount of MSLP to mint.

Redeeming MSLP is just as simple by entering the amount of MSLP.


MSLP provides liquidity for traders, allowing them to take positions with leverage. If traders take a loss, then MSLP holders will make a profit; if traders take a profit then MSLP holders will make a loss.

Although MSLP value is market neutral and is not directly affected by the crypto market volatility, holding MSLP still bears risks. For taking these risks, MSLP stakers can earn 70% of the platform fees generated via trading activity on Mummy V2.

Smart Contract risk: Mummy V2 smart contracts are fully audited but nonetheless some inherent risks will always exist with any smart contracts.

Counterparty risk: If traders make profit, that profit is paid to the trader out of the MSLP pool.

Depegging risk: In the unlikely scenario that USDC, USDT, DAI depegs, MSLP is directly affected.

The open interest available for the perpetual platform is limited by the total stablecoin amount available in MSLP per chain. Traders cannot open a new position if the total platform open interest meets or exceeds the total TVL in MSLP.

MSLP Liquidity Pool

A portion of all protocol generated [GG] fees including opening/closing positions, minting MSLP, borrow fees, and excess funding fees as well as any losses [LL] from traders realized P&L and liquidations go towards the MSLP vault (chain specific) causing it's price to go up over time. Any profits [PP] from traders realized P&L are paid out from the MSLP vault causing its price to decrease. Overall, it is expected and highly probable that the price of MSLP will gradually increase over time as net inflow exceeds net outflow.

The MSLP price is based on the number of USD and MSLP in the vault, at any time, where:


Staking Rewards

By staking their MSLP, users receive FTM or ETH and vMMY. The vMMY earned from staking MSLP can be vested (to earn MMY with 1:1 ratio) without the need of a reserve amount.

You cannot use vMMY to stake and earn rewards; you can only vest it to MMY.

After staking, your MSLP will be locked for 2 weeks. The timelock will reset every time you stake more MSLP or claim rewards.

  • The time lock period for MSLP and the vesting time of vMMY resets each time you deposit more vMMY.

  • The time lock period for MSLP resets when you withdraw vMMY from vesting.

  • The time lock period for MSLP resets when you claim vested MMY.

  • The duration for vesting is 1 year.

  • Each time you deposit more vMMY, the vesting duration will be reset.

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